Fundraising Activities

Sheri's Spartans

Adrian's update --- May 2019. Plus a huge thank you Adrian from all the 4Cs. You're a Spartan and a Legend.

To mark the one year anniversary of my sister-in-law Sheridan's passing, I wanted to do a fundraiser to raise money for two charities that were important to her.
As an incentive to get people to donate, I decided to compete in a Spartan combo race. This involved completing a 13km, 25 obstacle "Super" and then following up with a 5km, 20 obstacle "Sprint"
Prior to this I had only completed a Sprint, so it was going to be a big step up and the day of the race it ended up being 36°, so it was a bit of a slog, but I used Sheridan as my inspiration to pull through and not quit, like she never did through all of her fight
All up, we were able to raise $1,300 to split between her two charities, Share the Dignity and 4Cs and hopefully do her proud.

Past Fundraising Events

2018 Market Stall

Our 2018 fundraising market stall was a resounding success. We were a bit fussier with what we would accept for sale this year, which was a good decision as we didn’t have much leftover at the end of the day. Several customers asked us if we would be at the market every week! Once a year is our aim.

Stadium Stomp at the MCG on July 22nd 2018

Lynda and Heather (via our 4Cs member Belinda) have very kindly offered to raise money for our group by doing the stair climb at the MCG stadium stomp. I have shared the link below.
Thank you so much Lynda and Heather. Hope you stomp well on Saturday July 22nd.

Helpers at the sausage sizzle we had at the Eltham Bunnings in January 2017. We had a lot of fun doing this and also sold heaps of sausages.

Taken at our stall at the Kingsbury Drive Market in April 2017. We had amazing weather and a very successful and profitable day.

Market Stall at Kingsbury Market